Monday, August 27, 2007

Mindless entry #8545--movies watched recently

Cashback -- 3/5
too much dialog , and the crossing over from reality to imagination can be a little confusing.
not to mention irritating. Still, it was watchable.

Bourne Ultimatum--4/5
Watched this last nite
Love the action , the sequence.
Matt Damon has always been one of my fav. actors.
He hardly fails me ^_*

The Simpsons Movie--2.5/5

Glad I didn't pay to watch this in the cinema :P
It was just an extended episode of the cartoon.

Evan Almighty-- 3.5/5
If the characters were played by different actors,
I prob.would have given this movie a miss.
I like the 3 main casts-Steve Carell (The Office), Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) and of course Morgan Freeman who is God(also in Bruce Almighty) in the movie
( so u didn't think that God can be dark skin? )
It was a feel good movie, one where the whole family can enjoy . Interestingly, a few paired animals in the movie were of the same sex for safety reasons. A large amount of the animals were computer generated

A pair of cute lamas ;)


Julian said...

Must say the poster for Cashback looks enticing, perhaps it's one of those movies you'd like your money back huh? ha ha And I loved Bourne Ultimatum too!....Simpsons well I'm still waiting for the DVD...*winks*

Eileen. 静 said...

pls keep this a secret..

i didn't pay a cent to watch any of the movies.. keekekek. The only one caught in the cinema was Bourne :}

Don't be misled by the cashback poster :P yeah there were topless scenes, but none erotic of any sort.