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The one who attended 881 movie gala premiere

Tues 07/08/07
GV. Vivocity
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Thanks to my brother, I was at the premiere of the latest local production --881 , directed by Royston Tan. With backings like Raintree , you can say that it's Royston's first step into the mainstream films , thought 881 still has his arty essences and elements.

The movie tells of a tale of two girls , Big papaya and Small papaya , both whose dreams were to be getai singers. Cute Qi Yu Wu plays the role of their love interest. Yeah, sort of a love triangle. You gotta watch the movie to see who he chooses :P

Kudos to Mindee Ong and Yeo YannYann for their performance and Yu Wu's acting ( He doesn't has a single line in the movie go figure) . What about May and Choy you said? hehehe.. erm.. shall I just say that they have a long way to go? Or how about just sticking to English speaking roles??? My ears ached every time they spoke in Mandarin.

For the cry babies watching this movie, you may need to prepare some tissues. Anyway, it is an insightful movie to getais in S'pore, and makes you look at getais differently. I realised some of the hokkien songs are quite nice and meaningful :) Perhaps I may just go watch one or two getais this time round.

This production also paid tribute to local popular getai singer 陈金浪 who passed away due to cancer. He even penned one of the songs in the movie when he was sick in bed. You know, I am glad this isn't another jack neo style movie. enough of him Go catch 881 papaya.. did I mention it is a $1 m production ?

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At the premiere
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小木瓜 和大木瓜
Mindee Ong and Yeo Yann Yann

My star struck bro and Dawn Yeoh

Saw a few other recognisable faces in the crowd last nite.. Allen Wu n Wong Li lin were present, so were some of the superstar/idol singers such as Darren & Jonathan well as plastic surgeon /director Woffles Wu.

Some of the production pics
The costumes were very nice..

Credit--Zhaowei Films

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