Sunday, July 01, 2007

生日快乐 Happy Birthday Wei Min~~~!!

WeiMin's *21st* Birthday Celebration

Venue-- Downtown East Chalet

Wow, what can I say.. Weimin's actually 21 yr old this yr! Time files! I remembered those days when she would trot around my study table.. opening my drawers..messed around with my books while i was studying. Nevertheless, she's a very cute baby back then .. Geez.. organising her birthday brought back countless memories of my own 21st not so many yrs ago hahaha... Okay okay, who am I kidding... age is catching up :P

Her actual birthday falls on the 1st August, but she'll be in Canberra then, so this is a real early celebration :) Been a fun time for both family and least we got a chance for some bonding :)

The celebration spanned two days...thursday and friday. We had BBQ on thurs and catered food on Friday.

It wasn't an easy task getting the fire started!
I actually stood in front of the pit and bbq~!
Frankly.. I haven't really bbqed much in my life :P
I roped in C.W to help with the bbq
as well as to join in the celebration :)

Some of the food from 2nd nite

Birthday cake!
In case you're wondering... yes it's a key... :P

Candid shots :)

Random pics

Family and Friends

Phew..finally done up the photos for this entry :) I only posted selected ones hehe. Not easy doing them up ..

Oh, sharks! Speaking of birthdays, I have yet to get Weimin a present..but there's still time. She wouldn't be going back till the 14th of July :)

*sigh* Should I be even be counting down to my own birthday? hahahha... another 29 days to go *sinister laughter*

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