Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ladies in Black dinner gathering

Sunday Evening 08 July 07

It must have been one of the longest period of time where we have not met Ellousie. She's rather busy with her work and other commitments. We took the chance to celebrate her birthday at Tapas Tree (clark quay)

I was quite spent after the wedding luncheon, but still, was able to make my way to Central to meet the girls :) Not forgetting Nicole, who never fail to lighten up my mood with her cheeky smile and laughter.

After much deliberation, we settled for dinner at Tapas tree. The ambience's really cozy and intimate, with soft yellow lights.

smile! Ladies in black

Tapas goes well with bread! yum yum

There were lazy couches , soothing music in the background.. great place to whisper sweet nothings to that speical someone hehehe P

It was off to have some desserts at the Coffee Club after dinner. We were glad that we didn't stay any longer at coffee club coz we heard thunder and saw lightings upon making our way back to the cars at Central! Everyone was walking as fast as they could before the sky pour.. but my poor feet were aching badly becoz of my wearing of heels the whole day! Anyway, we made it to the carpark b4 it rain! hahaha..

chocholic's addiction!!

Cheeky Nicky and me
She's so colorful!

The happy Birthday Girl and her gifts
Mark, Chris and I got her the Espirt watch
while Evelyn bought her the black chain from Mphosis


Another installment of Pampering Eileen in the month of July

I have a fetish for lipgloss :P

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