Tuesday, July 10, 2007

070707 Busy weekend

Saturday 07-07-07
Sunday 08-07-07

Eileen n Xavier's Big day

Yes, I was asked to help out with Eileen's big day :) (Friend shared the same name with me )

Was joined by 2 of other friends (Wan Ting and Helen ) to be her 姐妹 :)

Saturday was the chinese customary and the banquet was held the next day at The Regent (lunch)

The day started out quite okay, the morning rain stopped just in time before the arrival of the groom. We didn't really play that many 'door games' as Eileen's parents seem to frown upon it :P

But still we managed to prepare the 'special' mixture, consisting of soya sauce, orange juice, gloucouse, and a few dashes of salt for the groom! He was sporting enough to gulp down all of it haha. After a few rounds of negotiation, we settled for a certain amount of open door ang bao. *would have ask for more if not for the timing :p

**Eileen Lim n Eileen Ng**

We followed the happy couple to Clark Quay for the outdoor photoshoot.. look at how long the trail is! Two of us have to help her with it .

random pictures

Saturday was a hectic day. It was already 4pm when we finally went home . I didn't had much rest and before I knew it, I had to make my way to Chris' cell group gathering at Changi Safra bungalow! Tried to mingle with the rest when I got there..despite me being rather lifeless already. Finally was able to go home!! hahaha.. Got back about 2.30am or so ..totally zonk out till 8.45am on Sunday.

I practically dragged myself up from bed..and crawled to the bathroom for a cold wake me up shower! Got to prepare myself for the wedding luncheon :) It was my 2nd visit to The Regent. Oops.. had no idea it was just next to Dan Ryan's :P

Do you know that ribbons and empire cut dresses were the order of the day? haha. Those were my observations as I sat at the recep. table. Many ladies wore clothes with sashes and ribbons.

Okay, will update soon with Ellouise's birthday dinner after I finish with the photos :]

the banquet was held at The Regent
It was a cozy lunch event

Helping out at the recept table

Got to know Veron at the wedding :)

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