Tuesday, June 05, 2007

With Princess Nicole at TCC

Chrissy and I met for coffee recently.. with Nicky in tow. This naughty one has entered the "terrible twos" phase . Quite a 'nightmare' so far...yet kinda fun to see her 'experimenting' . Kids at this phase don't wanna be 'spoon fed' by parents. They want things to be done their way, but doesn't have the language skills yet to express what they want.

More than often, they will say "no" and Nicole has learn to say "mine" as well~ ! hahaha.. everything she lays hands on becomes "hers". If things don't go her way, she will start to throw tantrums or pouts and frowns. Needs tons of patience with her now..but one has to be firm with kids at this stage :P

Chris and I never had a quiet moment with her around hahaha.... she even started shaking her bon bon along to the music at TCC ..

I am Princess Nicole

Yippy, I love playing with my food!
lalala.. mummy and godma not eating??

~~Baby chocoholic ~~

Cakes before they were being 'abused'

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