Monday, May 07, 2007

Mum's Belated Birthday cum Mother's day cake :)

My grandma, me and my mum *eeks. 3 generations* seems to be under the weather of late.. so we just had an obligatory birthday song singing and cake cutting session at home *0^

I happily gobbled my slice up, despite the cough -_-'' * the mango cake was delicious*

Mum didn't wanted to have her photo taken..coz she said she wasn't dress for it :P

I secretly snapped a shot using my hp


Random rubbish...

I should be in bed ..was going to 30 mins ago.. and that was before my pc decided to hang ..thus making me unable to complete this entry! So , I reboot just to finish this.. I hate leaving things hanging like that.

These two sentences just got me... actually, it was part of the script of a drama I am watching...

"Too often, the thing you wanted most is the one thing you can't have"

"As tough as wanting something, the ones who suffer the most are those who doesn't know what they want "

There are things i wish i can write down... isn't that the whole purpose of blogging? Yet, now I come face to face with this problem.. where what I am penning down isn't what I wanna convey?

I should sleep...

The radio played a lovely song from the past..

listening to : Looking through your eyes -Leann Rimes

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Anonymous said...

hello sexaye....
u do take alot of photos even though ur photogynic