Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Weekend ( II )

It has been like the longest time since I last sang at the ktv. Did try to organise a singing session with the stomp30s gang but it seems the gang's more game for food instead of singing haha. So eventually Winston decided it would be just the two of us..and we headed down to Partyworld at Oriental Chinatown (the building with the big This fashion store) .

I have been singing at Kbox for the past few ktv sessions with my friends, so this is one of the rare occasions to be visiting Partyworld (actually, it's becoz Winston prefers Partyworld :P ) The decor *ahem..cough cough* is very cheena and just has this 凤 尘 味 to it..

It was great being able to sing for a total almost 4 hours . That is one of the pros of singing in a small group..which in this case, only two of us! No need to wait ages for our turns, no need to sit and listen to friends who can't sing but yet love to mic hog... no need to put up with superstars wannabe!! heheheh.. Winston shocked me by singing a super old song.. a song that's perhaps almost his age? ahahha.. 路边一颗榕树下.... goodness hahaha.. *way to go uncle Winston*

I managed to dig out some oldies as well.. not as old as his song... mine was proberbly 14 yrs ago... 爱我的人和我爱的人 .. yes, a fav. hit song back in the 90s!
(Jandy and Lynn..if you are reading this.. hahaaa yes, i sang our 成名曲) Somehow I prefer to sing old songs as I am more familiar with them and able to give a better rendition of the songs as compared to the latest songs.. (need time to practice :P )

It was nearly 7pm by the time we ended our 4hours of singing.. fish and chips @ Fishermen's wharf beckons over at New bridge Road. Winston mentioned that the fish and chips' value for we took a stroll down Chinatown for our fish and chips :)

One might miss this place if they don't look properly.. as the shop is now hidden..(some constructions taking place just outside the shop..) It's actually just opp. Central shopping mall.
The place has no air conditioning.. but okay lah...not warm as there are ceiling fans and the place is pretty airy. So don't expect tip top dinning conditions, though I like the murals that covered the walls :)

the dory's quite nice..tasted fresh..
though I guess it must have been in the freezer before being cooked
Cheap ($6.50) for the rather large and tummy filling serving!

We simply had to walk off the bloated tummy after dinner, and those shops over at Central were waving at me.. inviting me to window shop!! (to my delight of cos) . I kinda showed Wins the mall as he hasn't been there before. We went by Chippy and I pointed the Fried mars bars out to Wins, and before we can even digest our dinner, we actually went ahead and ordered a small serving of it! (virgin fried mars bar eaters we are ).

It is a single Mars bar that's being divided into 3 bite pieces, coated with batter , fried to golden brown on the outside, and served with a scoop of ice cream! Ooooh.. really sweet I must say, but it goes down well with the ice cream! Yes, kind suaku, since Chippy has been around for quite sometime :P

Soon it was time to call it a day.. been fun singing and eating!

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