Monday, April 09, 2007

Long Weekend ( I )

Long Weekend ( I )

Dinner on Thursday
Venue- Crystal Jade xlb 翡翠小笼包 (ngee ann city)

This is one of those days where I made the wrong choice for dinner. Have tried almost all of the la mian on the menu and the si chuan tan tan la mian is one I have yet eaten, so I chose that. Winston ate his fav. 排骨拉面 spare ribs la mian and of course ordered the 小笼包 .

I was really disappointed when the tan tan la mian was served. It wasn't anything like what the menu said-- spicy and sourish. In fact, the soup base was sweet and peanutty! Oh well, thank goodness for the xiao long bao and my all time fav. dessert -- red bean and banana souffle. Wins was nice enough to offer me a piece of the ribs :P

(found out from Edwin that the tan tan noodles were suppose to be spicy and less peanutty. The chef who prepared my noodles must have *anyhow * added the ingredients *humph~!* )

Look at me frowning ...

savory, yummy小笼包

Asian Civilization Museum
Mystery Men Exhibit

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