Sunday, April 15, 2007

@ the HDB Gallery

Was there with C.W few days back after swimming..
Showcasing past, present , future living of Singaporeans.. We love the old squatters living area.. so quaint...

look at the stove and and there's even a larder( to store food) .. yeah, no such thing as a fridge last time you know.. (click on the pic for larger image.. )

My family used to have that big dragon urn ( is that called an urn? hahaha.. )

Friends, if you're like me, born in that era, I am sure you will find the living room items very close to heart..hehehe.. Remember the black and white teevee?? Yes, the one with the sliding remote control! Doesn't it brings back memories of the good old days?

The gallery is located at basement 1 of the HDB building :)

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