Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tea time with Nicole

Guess I haven't been updating much this week. It is already Thursday :P

Really happy to be able to spend some time with Chris and Nicole earlier today. This would be one of the longest period that I have not met Chris-- a good 3 mths + ( The last we met was on Xmas 06) Miss them much! Nicole was in super perky hyper mood today! She had a ball of a time. She sure is a cheeky little one..and strangers can't help but take a 2nd look at her . I have overheard people commenting on how cute she is :)

She's rather selective when it comes to who can carry her as well as who she can tease and 撒娇 with. Should I say that I am happy she is totally at ease with me?( afterall I am her 'godma" :P) hahahah.. She can be a handful at times just like all kids. This little one is gonna be 2 yrs old next week~!! Just glad to have met them today!

candid shot :p

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