Monday, February 26, 2007

Weeknd -- of Ikea Tampines and meat balls

Sunday 25/02/07

Venue--Ikea Tampines

Mission-- to make our sunday afternoon less of a bore

Mission accomplished!!

It was a rather impromptu decision to explore the new Ikea. Winz texted me complaining of his boredom. Since I was done and over with my stuff, I too had plenty of time to lull away. With that, we decided to have an excursion ..

Met up with Winz in Tampines and we stood in que for the free shuttle service. Seems that everyone's going Ikea! It really doesn't matter as this new branch is very spacious and huge.
I guess it's the weekends , families love going there as a weekend outing and it happens to be Ikea sales, hence the crowd.

A visit to Ikea woudn't be complete until dining at the cafeteria. The delicious Swedish meatballs are a must eat , and some others swear by the chicken wings.

Ikea store has always been a fun place for me.. I still remember going to their store at the first location near Parkway, just next to Seaview hotel. Anyway, Winz and I both had a great time fiddling with the stuff and trying out the sofas and chairs in Ikea.

I guess I should be going back there soon as I need to get myself a small cabinet for my cds and reading materials!

We went over to the Courts mega store as well, but haha, I can tell you no point going unless you really have the intention of buying stuff there. It is so boring a trip as compared to Ikea. We spend almost 3.5 hours in Ikea but only 30 mins in Courts. It's a pity Giant 's not opened yet.. but it looks huge from the outside!!

Visiting that part of Tampines does give one a "un singapore" feeling. It felt as though we were in some parts of JB or even Aussieland..

Now, time for photos! It's rather unbelievable of the amount of shots we took on our handphones... It's just Ikea! hahaha. No, don't worry, I didn't put up every single photo of coz..its just half of what we took :P

one word of advice--try to bring a jacket along if you are like me who's afraid of the freezing temperature.

Have u flipped thru the display books ?? Too bad it's in some language I don't understand haha..

Simply love the way the mock up living rooms and bed rooms are done up in the store. Really cozy and feel just right at home!

Pls don't doze off like Winston when trying out the couch!!

Camwhoring as usual!
Its our mirror reflection if u don't know

Funny looking soft toys!! CUTE!

More Cute toys! Mr Froggy!!
*darn...i lock lips with the frog!*

This is where you pick up your flat packed furniture

FOOD!! Yum yum.
It wasn't that difficult trying to get seats for 2.

The cafeteria is big ! and they have special serving trolleys .

Speical trolley--just place the food on the trolley and push it back to your table
One person now can buy for everyone !! Time saving!!
One and only one other cafeterias or food courts has this!!

I love the small food and frozen items corner!

The 3 mega stores at night

We totally enjoyed ourselves on this trip!

Hey..hop over to Winz's blog for his version of the trip!!


Julian said...

Hmmm good company is always the best on an outing. It makes it more fun and memorable *winks*

Eileen. 静 said...

yes.. winz is a good pal!!