Saturday, February 17, 2007

Of ViVo City and Powerstation

virgin trip to St James Powerstation ..
more updates in awhile ...


Friday 16/02/07

I joined some of the gang from Stomp 30s for a nite out at St James Powerstation, in particularly the Bellini Room. It is more classy and plays jazz, blues and swing tunes primarily. I wouldn't mind heading back there again for the cool tunes :) We did went around to the other areas..Dragonfly was quite happening, really packed and more youngsters as compared to the other areas. We danced abit at Powerhouse ...actually I wasn't too comfy with dancing around friends I am not too familiar with, however, I still did in the end :P


I was at Vivocity about 4++pm to meet Julian and Grace for desserts at Bakerzin. They were sure fun companions to be with. Julian was funny as usual :)

Managed to met up with the rest of the bunch around dinner time, and had much time to kill before we venture to Powerstation. So we kinda chilled out al fresco at Pacific Coffee and it was another round of posing and picture taking .

It was alright hanging out with the bunch..though I guess it is not possible to be able to click and connect with everyone . I chatted a fair bit with Alicia before I hail a cab back home around 1.30am . That's kinda early compared to those days .. :P


Dancing Diva said...

and i wasnt in any of the photos!! bah!! next time i'll make sure i join u guys early!!

yay!! *huggies*

Eileen. 静 said...

yes yes :) i guess powerstation's kinda dark for photo taking :P

survivorfreek said...

haha hope you had fun nite!

Julian said...

Wonderful layout of the photos dear! And Yes I had good 'clean' fun with you guys too ha ha