Thursday, February 22, 2007

A very random entry

the above is the result of lazying in the pool swimming for nearly 2 hours under the hot sun without any application of sunblock -_-""

Was at the pool this afternoon with CW. Am getting way too 'pale' these days and the visit to the pool was long overdue . I didn't swim much.. perhaps a couple of laps before me and CW went off to the kids pool. There's a "waterfall" structure in the kids wadding pool , so we got under the cascading water for a free spa experience :P I guess not many adults big kids would even venture to the kids' pool coz.. says the kids pool :P But it wasn't being utilise by anyone at that time.. so we might as well put it to good use haha


Have you spend your red packet $$ ?? There are many post CNY sales going on now :) Was out on the 3rd day of CNY and managed to get myself a new bag (happy happy Jing)

psss:- pls ignore the hooks and hangers


Oh oh.. Weijie (my couzzie) bought some Krispy kreme home from down under .. Heard about them for awhile, finally able to get to taste them!

He gave us 3 ... nice..but overly sweet. We had to cut it into bite sizes :P so to save it for later consumption (all gone by this time of coz )

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