Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Gonna miss you.....

I am someone who never like goodbye and farewell moments. Gotta come face to face with one this evening when we send Wei Min away to aussieland..

As I have mentioned earlier, her family is going with her and will stay there for 2 weeks to help her cope with the transition. I can imagine how scary it must be to be all alone there. Anyway, most of her close friends were there to send her off. Everyone were all smiles posing for photos with Weimin , until it was finally time for them to enter the gates. EEEks..the moment I dread. Don't ask me why, I just hate to say goodbye..

The flood gates opened when Min's best friend, June started weeping while giving her a farewell hug. Oooh, I guess I would have cried if I were 21 and my best friend is going away. That triggered my cousin to cry as well, and it kinda rubbed off a virus..hahhah... No more "fighting" with her over food , and no more shopping sessions for the next one yr..till she comes back for holidays. I tried to fight back my tears while hugging her.. hehehe..

She's afterall like a younger sister to me. Gonna miss her. *sniff sniff*

Grandma telling Weimin to take care of herself :)


Hey, go buy this bunch of grapes if you are a grape lover like me!!! Maybe I suaku, but's the first time I tried the Kyoho grapes. These are from Taiwan..cost $3 a bunch. Really cheap as compared to the real McCoy from Japan.. those are priced more than $60 a bunch!!

How different are these grapes u ask? The skin comes off easily! Yes I peel my grapes. The taste is uncanny to those bubble gum grape flavour!! Amazingly, heavenly sweet!! The sweetness simply oozed into your mouth at first bite!! These grapes are also used to make wine :) oooh..look how big each grape is!! i have eaten almost 3/4 of it already :P Gonna get another bunch tomorrow

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