Sunday, January 21, 2007

Forbidden Chestnuts and Friends

Jing's Saturday

She made her way to the Drama Center located at the National Library for a play (first play for 07) . That's the program note shown in the photo :) yes..quite a sleazy cover but it's eye catchin and hehe

It is a gay themed play with lots of spoof on the local theater scenes as well as on some movies such as the controversial Broke back mountain . Her friends and her had a roaring good time at the play . One of the actors caught her fancy..actually she has the hots for him quite sometime back :P Jing basically went ga ga over Rodney Oliveiro. Funny guy Hossan Leong was also one of the actors. *jing should be watching Hossan's stand up comedy next month*

It was off to do some window shopping after the play. Jing was pretty disorientated for quite sometime , and she was drifting in and out of her thoughts when her friends and her were over at Bugis. Looks like PMS has hit town again.

It was dinner time soon after..and the group of 5 made their way to the new mall-Central at Clark Quay mrt for some delicious yummy japanese food. *yeah...not again!!!* Eating japanese food (good jap food that is ) is such an orgasmic experience. It is something indescribable, you have to try it to know .. hhmmmmm. Jing had such a rush just by looking at the food. It just chased those disgusting PMS blues away

How can the night go by without having a round of posing and smiling in front of the camera ? Here's the evidence of the happy group

Central--new playground for the shopaholics!!

She simply couldn't resist the pretty wall decor at Central's ladies restroom

She has certainly enjoyed her Saturday ; watching the parody play coupled with food from Waraku :)

*psss* the more Jing looks at her new blog color scheme, the more she dislikes it!!!! need some sprucing up again , ooh bugger, her brother hasn't install people reading this, pls put up with the dull colors for the moment :p

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