Wednesday, December 06, 2006

caffeine needed

What do you do on days when you're just not motivated to do anything. I am having one of those days.. lots of things left undone, and all I wanna do is throw my feet back and rot. Room is in a total chaos..with clothes and a variety of reading materials strewing all over the floor. Oh, let's not forget about the clothes lying in the wardrobe waiting to be ironed.
Am in need of a good dose of enthusiasm. Okay..shall not bore everyone with this shit

Gonna post random stuff again.

I found my primary school autograph book stuck somewhere in my old cupboard...
Look! It's the little twin stars~

At 12 yrs old, I never quite grasp what my principal wrote.
Now, I totally understand what she was trying to tell me :)

For those of you who are lazy to click on the pic for a larger's what was written above

"friends sometimes betray us and our dear ones may fail us when we need them most. God however is always faithful and He alone can help us in all our cares and sorrows. Trust in Him always and reach out to others in need too "

I have experienced this over and over again-- friends and family sometimes fail us.. I bet it has happened to you as well. Humans have so much imperfections and weaknesses, and at dire times, may just betray their friends and families.. be it out of their free will or forced to. I have to admit sometimes I am the stupid one..letting others take 'advantage' of my kindness or my inability to say 'no'. Perhaps I am not as pretentious as some other fellow beings.. but it just isn't me to be. Do we all need to be pretentious in order to survive in the world we live in today? Seems like it huh.. Even a child understands the concept of pretence.

Enough for now..
Really have to go pack the room before I head out soon.


Skyblue said...

I got one autograpy book too, hope it is still safe in Msia.

Eileen. 静 said...

i am sure it is.. don't you miss those days sometimes?