Friday, November 24, 2006

What a dirty little word--S A L E

And we queued and queued...

You bet it was super crowded at the expo today. Was at the Loreal sale with Chris, Eve , aunty (Chris' mum) and Nicole. The queue snaked all the way to the end of the lobby before the doors were open for the sales. Everyone grabbed the stuff as if they were for free.. and all were jostling around..not to mention the area was so small..

It was quite worthwhile buying these cosmetics at the sales as they are much much cheaper than normal retail prices. I have enough foundation and powder to last me quite awhile including my recent buys at the body shop sale heehee :) *happy happy girl*

*alamak, I snapped too early and didn't capture Evelyn in the photo :P *

*my buys*

That's not the only queue we had to be in. We headed off to Hall 6 for the Adidas sale :}
It was slighty better as the hall has more space to accommodate a larger crowd. It wasn't as suffocating as the loreal sale. Didn't buy much..just a sling bag and a jogging tee. Honestly, I have totally lost track of the number of bags I have.. same goes for shoes :x

*addidas queue*

*the jogging tee 's only $5.. why so cheap? cos it was meant for the stan.chart marathon 2005 -_-'' *

My legs were jelly like at the end of the day! Had to queue for about another 45 mins for payment at the adidas sale. I am aching all over as I am typing out this entry.. *bone cracking *

Have a funtastic weekend all..

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