Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sandcastle sunday

Wednesday 29/11 update

*major pimple outbreak* I guess I have to thank my very youthful hormones for blessing me with the two obscene boil like acne at my neck! They looked like hickeys.. *embarrassing*

Ok..let's move on to something pleasant--more photos from the sunday outing :)

Great wall of China?


I went sand castle building on Sunday!!

Perhaps some of you have tried it, heard about it, or saw it on TV about this sand castle project :)

It is located at East Coast park near to the lagoon food center *carpark E2*

Mr Alvin Lee *engineer by profession* and his team are there every wkend from 3.30pm till sunset 6.30pm. You have to buy the tools from them and they will give a short briefing on how to build some basic sand castle :)

It is good for family bonding and friends *from work or school* to learn the importance of teamwork and how foundation is impt in most of the things we do in life. Hands on is the basic thing here, if you don't try, you wouldn't know if it will work. By the way, don't think that this is child's play coz it isn't. It is no mean feat to build the walls and sandtowers :P

*demo and briefing session*

Mr Lee and his team are also involve with charities and voluntary groups in Spore.

*i knocked my kneecap the other day so had some trouble squatting down at the later part of the afternoon..hence couldn't really do much hands on *sob sob*

Check out our creation!!

*nicky helping out too! *

*sunset* knee cap pain..so cannot squat O.o''

*nicky having a feel of the sea*

listening to: forever young by youth group

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