Wednesday, November 01, 2006

last supper" by Bigert & Bergstrom

Gonna complete viewing most of the art work for this biennale soon. Just one more major exhibit venue to go to..all the way at Demsey Road-- Tanglin camp. There are 11 more days before the close of the biennale....have to go soon.

Had some time before dinner made my way to the newly renovated National Museum . There weren't many exhibits there..however, one of the video featured was enough to make up for the lack. It's a 58 min. film, titled "last supper" by Bigert & Bergstrom It isn't related to Jesus Christ's last supper..but it's about the last meal prisoners on the death row eats before they receive their death treatment. Quite insightful and enlightening I must say...It was said that those with guilt and in denial till their last breath couldn't eat their last meal. Why are the prisoners in most countries serve this last meal? For some cultures, it is believed that by feeding them before they die, they wouldn't return as hungry ghosts.. and also to show society's compassionate side doing this 'good deed' to the soon dead prisoners. They are often able to choose what they wanna eat. However, in some countries , they couldn't choose..and in a way, that is a continuation of their prison punishment

I left the museum with a heavy heart

Two shots of the museum :)

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