Saturday, November 04, 2006

home alone..

i am officially "contract-less"

Mobile phone contract has ended..

First time i ever use a phone for 2 years. This phone holds alot of memories for me. It is still serving me well actually. It has all the features a phone has these days..just perhaps 1/4 of the memory space haha . Was flipping thru the papers earlier and saw the array of phones advertised now toying with the idea if I should get a new phone.

Yet I feel so strongly for the current phone.. it accompanied me thru my lowest and highest moments of my life for the past 2 years..captured lasting memories on the camera too hahaah. I guess I am overly sentimental..people I know change phones like changing clothes. I'll wait a'lil longer before I decided to get a new one :)

This is one rare saturday that I am home.. no programs.. just me and my thoughts.
hmm...having a nagging craving to sing ktv.. anyone game? *wink wink*

what's playing on itunes: 塔罗牌恋人-江美琪

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