Friday, October 06, 2006

p i s s e d

*warning!! ranting entry!!*

老娘 is the very angry!!!

Some *hungry until wanna die liao* lao ah pek in his 50s jumped my queue just now!! Freaking idiot..
I was buying lunch at the veg.rice stall ..standing where the usual queue is. In front of me was this chij school girl and her mum, and behind me is the bespectacled *hungry until wanna die liao* lao ah pek.

The stall lady would ask each person if eating at the hawker or take away, so when it's my turn..i told her takeaway one packet. When she asked the old man, he said takeaway and somehow walked towards the stall, pretending to look at the dishes.

When the mum and daughter pair were done with their orders, the guy who handles the food inside the stall proceed to ask the freaking idoit old man what he wants, and at this juncture,

I shouted "hey how can u jump queue"

That chao old man replied " no what, he ask me what i want"

I told that lady who prepares the rice and guess what.. she is also an idiot

That char bor said" 我也没有办法 (there is nothing I can do)"

I was stunned by that remark, so I said quite loudly

"让那些又饿又老的买先喽 (let the hungry and old one buy first)"

And I walked away.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINE! I decided I wouldn't want to buy food from them, since they allow this. WTH, nothing you can do!? just tell the idiot old man to step back lah!! stupid fools. In the end i ate chicken rice.

What's with these senior citizens? I do respect them, but don't do this!! 不要倚老卖老!!!!Don't try to take advantage just because you are an old person!!

okay..i feel better now!! Pardon my language... 刚才真的是火冒三丈

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