Friday, October 13, 2006

p i s s e d part 2

warning..angry entry

The stupid letter stated that the gas meter located in my flat was to be replaced.
Was waiting at the stipulated times stated on the letter for the contractors to come change it.
1 pm came and went..2 pm came and went..and finally at 3 pm I buei tahan liao..gave a call to the no. on the letter.

The guy over the phone said he will check with the contractors. Anyway..the contractor gave me a call on my hp..and darn.. they haven't even started working on my block!! They are still servicing the other blocks. So I asked if he could give an estimated time..but no..he can't!!! He said would be about 5 -ish pm or so!!!! Then bloody shit why in the first place stupid CITY GAS stated 1-4pm!? I am at home waiting like a fool!!!

Those contractors must have skived.. bloody idiots. Can't they just get it right for once!!!??!?!

*throws hands in the air.. *


okay... they eventually arrived at 6pm.. apologised and said they were shorthanded :x

oh well..

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