Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Pls pls pls bear with me.. I really am going on a DIET!!! I plan to do so by this week..so bear with me ..and let me finish my food entries *sheepish laughter*


Had lunch with Aunt Grace & my deary cousin Weijie. We ate at the noodle place at Centerpoint.
(Dick lee was seated two tables away from us..he was wearing a very sweet pink shirt..wah..he looked pudgy..)

Weijie's NS enlistment's next March.. boy am I gonna miss him.. plus his sister will be flying off to Canberra.. *sob*..gonna be damn quiet for the beginning half of the year :x


I was kinda disappointed not being able to meet my gal frens the other time. Thank goodness we got to meet this evening. It was good to be able to catch up after a couple of months.. and Cui wei (lady in green ) made a 'guest ' appearance hehehe.

Gosh when was the last time I saw her.. seemed to be CNY if I am not wrong. I seem to be running out of ideas where to dine..haha..in the end I brought them all to Waraku *yet again..* We celebrated 2 ladies' birthdays--Jennifer 1st Nov and Lynn 6th Nov :) Oh..the ladies love the food.. *ahem* my recommendations *_^

As we all know..there is always extra room for dessert no matter how much we ate for dinner. So we made our way *packed ourselves in the back seat of lynn's car* to Liang Seah street for some chinese dessert.

So...that was my Tuesday evening... laughter, joy, memories..
Good night..

ps.. time of the mth again.. i looked terrible in the photos.. argh.


musxzart said...

BLUFF!!! With us, you can never go ona diet!

Eileen. 静 said...

★runs away from Mus...★
hides in a cave with no food..