Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Unwelcome guest .. and my new specs!

Met Chrissy for supper earlier (Monday evening). Headed down to Serangoon garden's Liquid Kitchen. It was a joint we would go if we were near the vincinty. However, we need to think twice thrice after tonight's incident.

We ordered some bread , lamb masala and drinks to go along. It took quite awhile before we were being serve the bread. The bread were placed in a small cane basket lined with napkin. I first notice this small and black object darting along the edge of the basket. Upon close 'inspection', I realised it was a cockroach! I alerted Chrissy in a frenzy about the unwanted guest and we informed the server about it.

We were pretty freaked out by then..and didn't had the chance to take a pic of the roach and the bread! We could have informed the authorities about the roach infested conditions of the place. They replaced and waived the charges to the bread (damn, should have given us a free meal.. )

I understand it is not possible to be pest free in kitchens. But hey at least check the food and utentils before you serve it to your customers !! Honestly I wouldn't want to know what goes on behind the close doors ( I have heard enough of horror kitchen stories).
Don't be too sure of what u put into your mouth ..

Oh.. collected my new pair of spectales!

~~~~Me..sans make up -_-''~~~~~

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