Saturday, September 02, 2006

Do u add value to someone's life?

Ever wonder why do you stay in contact with a particular classmate way back from secondary school but yet chose not to with another ? And why do you prefer to hang out more with this fat guy yet not with that cute office colleague of yours?

It's quite simple (as told to me by a friend). It's because these people you choose to be with add value to your life. You take the effort to be in touch, to be a friend, to show that you care because you want to add value to their lives as well.

I have 'dumped' , 'abandoned', 'throw away' friends along the way in life because I find no meaning anymore being with them or they simple don't add value to my life. So if they don't even add value to my life, would I want to add value to theirs?
That would be tiring..

It doesn't mean that these bunch of people are not nice people or that they have terrible character..(of coz some of them do have lousy characters :x)

I am just not drawn to them and which ever the relationship is..there is no foundation to it. In any sort of relationship, there has to be a contributing factor that keeps it going.. be it chemistry, bond, expectation, lust, shared interest etc.

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