Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunday sunday sunday..

The above is the result of sitting in the salon (Francis & Jean @ lucky plaza) for 2 hours 45 mins. This would be my 4th rebonding session, the last being nearly 2 yrs ago :)

Took these photos in a Tangs fitting room..wanted to buy this purple dress I tried..however, they ran out of my size :/

Went for Singapore Youth Choir Ensemble Singers Concert at esplanade in the evening. They were pretty experimental in my opinion..some parts of the program didn't really went well with me. Jennifer Tham looks good for someone her age I must say. Lots of students in the audience giving their support to her and the choir.


Is it obligatory to make small talks with your hairstylist? I was wondering about this as I sat on the salon's chair yesterday. I guess if you keep to the same stylist, then it shouldn't be a problem making converstation with her/him. I usually try to 'talk ' to them, mostly very superfical subjects like what did I ate for lunch , the condition of my hair , and they in turn usually ask about my work, and they somehow love to guess my age! haha.

I usually would try to catch a wink or a magzine or fiddle with my phone when I am not in a chatty mood. I love a good head massage at the salon, but not many shampoo girls /guys assistants can give a really good one though. It is quite essential to me to get a good hairwash and massage :)

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