Thursday, August 24, 2006

Peak hour train rides

I dislike crowded public transport. Especially when I am seated. I am not tall to begin with. Am even shorter when seated..

Imagine a fully packed MRT cabin *during peak hours*. There will be standing commuters in front of me. I hate what my eye level is looking at.. which happened to be either someone's butt or crotch area. *sometimes the tummy if the person is taller ahhaha* It's the same issue on a crowded bus. I make it a point to not deliberately look at 'that' area if it's a guy in front of me *laughing out loud* just that sometimes it's so 'in your face' ( pun intended). Then I start to wonder...hmm.....

oh..peak hour public transport can be rather interesting ... you are standing so close to strangers , you can even smell their hair.. what shampoo they used, what perfume they sprayed on, and of course body odor as well. You can even get free entertainment from your seated neigbour *when they pump up the volume of their mp3* Or get to share their papers.. or even their phone conversations. *my pet peeve! i dislike using the mobile on public transport* about the teen couple in uniform making out in the full view of everyone in the cabin. :P Or that group of students from some famous school eating sushi!

We share the same cabin, the same space but everyone is in their own world.. Maybe I should start making some eye contact with that cute guy seated opp. me the next time .

Pardon me if this entry seems incorherent or full of grammatical mistakes or it doesn't quite flow. (;

listening to : Snow Patrol-Chasing Cars


Merv Kwok said...

I once had to make eye contact with a really cute girl and it was the most awkward thing ever. She got pushed up right against me by the crowed. o.O

Eileen. 静 said...

*tsk tsk *

the poor girl must be traumatised hehehe

Anonymous said...

Well I took a night coach from Penang to SG and I fell asleep on the gal's shoulder next to me. This happened twice and I apologised with embarrassement. I must have fallen asleep the 3rd time. When I awoke I found my head had dropped past her shoulders and was nuzzling on her breasts. I was totally shocked and thought, I could get in some serious trouble here. Since she wasn't moving, I thought I'd move off very slowly, hoping not to disturb her.
I soon realised I coud not move as she had her arms around my shoulders and was holding me down. Oh boy! I realised then that these night coaches switch off interior lights at night....its a true story i wanted to share....hope i didn't offend anyone.