Thursday, August 03, 2006

of face mask and movie..


will not buy this mask anymore!! It's my 2nd time applying this mask..I had no problem with the first one . It caused a slight tingling effect around my cheeks and cheekbones upon putting it on I ignored it..thinking it will go away after a min or two. I settled down in front of my pc..preparing to read my mails. However , the feeling worsen after 2mins or wasn't just a's more like a burning sensation! I peeled the mask off and could see slight redness around my cheekbones. Thank goodness the pain went away after I splashed water on my face.
I used one of their cleasners before and it was too harsh for my face..caused peeling. I guess this brand is totally out for me..


Anyway.. was out for dinner and movie earlier. Caught 龍虎門 Dragon Tiger Gate.. Mr A chose the movie :P Not my cup of tea to be exact..however, with 3 eye candies..what more can I ask for heheeh. It's amazing how young Zhen Zi Dan looks like despite the fact that he is in his 40s. Nicholas Tze and Shawn Yue looked almost alike in the movie ..must be the hair ..i concluded. Shall give it 2.5/5
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