Saturday, August 12, 2006

National Library book sale

Was awake at 8.15 am this morning.. *i wondered why early on a Sat morning*
Remembered that my brother told me he would be going for the library book sale at Expo. Made an quick decision and decided to brave the crowd with him. Knowing how S'poreans love the dirty four letter word S-a-l-e, this time round is of course no difference..even better as the stuff on sale are books books. Malay and tamil books go for $1 each, while chinese and english ones at $2.
**this is the queue to get in to the hall**

These books are at least 4-5 yrs old and some have been badly handled, with torn covers . So don't expect to find the latest Dan brown book or any of the shoppholic series in the bins. Expect to see lots of outdated software books *windows 98?!? , dreamwaver 4?!?!* I wonder who will buy them. The english fiction book bins were quite empty by the time we left ..which is about 11++am.

Can't imagaine how many arms I brushed against and how many bodies were crushed against mine!! Yuck!! *sticks out tougue*

We had to queue for about 20 mins just to get in and another 10 mins in the payment line. Bro and I managed to get 4 books each.

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