Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Late nite thoughts..

Found myself having a strong craving for coffee earlier. Made a cuppa and plonk on the couch with coffee in hand..watching one of my fav.drama-Grey's Anatomy. I must say the caffeine is keeping me wide awake now. It's rather peaceful.. with the radio playing a song I have always enjoyed-Remember me this way..

Many thoughts have been flooding my mind these few days. Many fond memories too.
One such thought would have been what happened this time of the year last year :}
Exactly a year ago , on my birthday to be exact.. hahaha..It was painful and teary during the initial weeks. Cried almost everyday for a couple of weeks and even lost interest in blogging for mths *that explains the missing months in the archives*

But hey.. I pulled thru it.. and I have no regrets putting my heart and soul into it. Those days were sweet..and shall keep the memories neatly tuck into a corner of my mind :)

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