Friday, July 28, 2006

Wed 26 July Performance @ NAFA (Waywang Kulit- Dewa Ruci)

This is a first time collaboration between my gamelan ensemble Singa Nglaras, Nafa gamelan , Pak Midi (the dhalang) and the Storytelling Association. The narration was done mostly in English and Pak Midi injected lots of amusing lines into the story which was well received by the mostly english speaking audience. We had much fun watching the wayang kulit as well as playing. There was a dance before the wayang's a photo of us ladies with our dancer Nunuk.

what i wore for the night
(heheh.i am wearing a peranakan kebaya..anyone wants to sponser me a real nice Javanese one?? )



*Spooky shot of me, Deyana and Alicia at the backstage*

We had to take a photo with our cute little girl Helena..*Nunuk's daughter* . Doesn't she looked all grown up in the kebaya??

*Candid shot* purposely capture Alicia ..

here 's the group photo :)

I'm sandwiched between the 3 storytellers :)

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