Tuesday, July 25, 2006

i am still stuck in grey.....

Some guy recently referred to one of my close galfren as his oxygen. Haha..it does sounds a little romantic..as in he can't live without her, yet on the other hand..does it mean that he is a clingy possessive person as well?

I have been in a self reflective mood these few days..after my 'relationship' crisis. Some friends around me pointed out that sometimes I only see things in one dimension. And I could be pretty judgmental as well ( my own deduction ). I failed to realised that sometimes certain things/situations are not as simple as they seem to be. There are many layers to them.. and humans tend to see/believe what they wanna see/ believe . We may delude ourselves, block out certain things..hence failure to see the underlying meanings or messages. We depend alot on visual and verbal hints..perhaps without them..we may find it immersly difficult to understand the entire situation.

I used to dislike being in the grey area.. but tend to find myself being suck into it.
Argh..I dunno what am I getting into.. thoughts are still quite messy..but slighty better than yesterday .


singaporeplayboy said...

Dear Eileen,

A lot of times in life, we are surrounded by grey areas and not black and white. We are sometimes assertive yet contradicting ourselves a lot.

Just have to know what you want and your vision will be much clearer.

Just my one cent worth.

Eileen. 静 said...

thanks playboy..

sometimes the path to the 'right' way seems blocked haha..