Sunday, July 23, 2006

Emotional rollarcoaster

Eileen has been thrown on to the emotional rollarcoaster once again!! It is taking her to places she has no wish to revisit!! Scary! Horrifying! She hates every minute of it!

She was in a jovial crazy mood when she met Alicia and Ed for lunch before gamelan practice. Now at 1.34am, she is panicky, surprised.. sad..disappointed..slighty happy ..all emotions jumbled up like rojak!

no..she is not having a breakdown lah..just a relationship sorta crisis. Did someone just shouted ..RELATIONSHIP?!?!

okay ..sit down..don't get so work up. It's really nothing..just something she is
trying to figure out. She decided to let the dust settle after an sms marathon. She is swarmed with thoughts.. the brain drawers are stuffed! They need to reorganize -think about all the information that she has been feeding to them. The brain is over work for she need to do something that requires minimal thought process..


QUIZ Time!

You Are 50% Weird

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okay..enough rubbish. Eileen is gonna shut down for the night.

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