Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Big fugly bug

I is very very the angry!!! *be warn..this is a ranting entry*

someone mailed me via Friendster.. expressing his interest in one of my married galfriends. I am no match maker.. but if my friend is single and if the guy seems sincere, I really wouldn't mind bridging them together. However, this bugger is really a bug. A thick skinned ugly bug. Here's the mail he sent me..

Hundred of reply that you have rec'd. Every day,
hundred of thousand ppl walk pass U, it seem like
we are too far away to reach yet too close to
connect.Therefore, I am sending this short but
positive message to you. <--------positive my foot!!

I saw one of the lady in Blue in your page- 31 of
38, may I seek yr permission to know her if you
care to start this acquaintanceship by calling
her... As life is short,I cherish every moment and I
constantly plan ahead to achieve little goals of
mine and crave for things that invigorate me! Let's
kick start this ultimate frezship from the moment
you start to dail...

Well, if you are a sweet ,kind hearted, svelte yet <-------- sorry not to you
friendly cum chatable lady with passion intro her to
make this this acquaintanceship start.... Please
do not hesitate to let your finger to do the walking,
cos opportunity is rely on YOU.



The language used is crap to me. There is no need to suck up to me if one wants my help. I sensed no sincerity in his mail..and it's far too flowery to my likening!! What let my finger do the walking? I AM NOT YELLOW PAGES!!

Here's my reply to him

you are obviously living in your own nice little
fantasy world..

pls get out of it and get a real life!! stop being

do u think i care about your goals ??

yes i am sweet charming to those i choose to..and
wat makes u so sure its you!? sorry i bite and i
can be as bitchy as any other girls.

get lost lah..


ok ok...don't slam me..i know i was rude . I cannot help it.. Frankly, he is quite ah pek (uncle) looking..quite cao lao looking too hahaha. Of coz i know he is bound to retaliate read the following...his stupid rely..

Date: Wednesday, 5 July, 2006 5:0 AM
Subject: Huh... u idiot

How u spell i----
Why a fat gal like you say suck a owrd to a
handsome guy like me ya <---I told you !! he is delusional

Oh i is idiot lor <----you bet you are!! hahahha

Get lost in my world, you are fire fatty..


Fat is fine..i can always go on a diet...sorry to say there is no cure for ugliness.

I am so so tempted to post his photo here... but better not... give this bug some leeway. Anyway..there is no mention of names in this particular entry of mine..
Okay, I have cooled down now.. feeling good again :)


AJ said...


email me the guy's photos! I wanna see how bad he is and laugh my heads off. Haha..

Good job in telling the guy off. I thought you should add more 'hurtful' things like, "with your two-headed attitude, bad looks and disability to take criticisms, it is no wonder you are still searching. Men like you disgrace Man!"

I like the part when you say "there is no cure for ugliness." That is damn 'ouch' and I like it. Haha.s

Just my thought. Have fun!!

Eileen. 静 said...


i would have love to post his photo..but nah.why make him (in)famous..he doesn't deserve it kekeke

chrissy said...

Way to go girl!

All I can say is you did the right thing to wake him up from his disillusional state but sadly, he did not even realise that he is sick in his brain and that he is an idiotic S_ _ of a B_ _ _ _! Haha...

Eileen. 静 said...

whahaha.. yeah..some people just don;t get it you know..