Sunday, July 02, 2006

Behind the scene

Thanks to a good friend, I have strayed from my usual routine for the past few days.

Was roped in at the eleventh hour to help him with regards to filming of a short drama for corporate usage. Have always wanted to find out more about what goes behind the scene and yeah, it was certainty fun being part of the team. A lot of manpower and hardwork goes into those few minutes you see in front of the screen. Time management and team work is very crucial, and one also have to pay attention to minute details.

This project brought the production team to one of the prisons (in the northern part of the island). An eye opener I must say. Quite daunting too. Oh yeah...they have never allowed any one to do filming there before :P

Have yet to upload the photos... check back soon..
oh, of coz no photos of the prison lah. Security is very tight there.



Did I mentioned that I am the only female in the entire team ? Couple of shots I took . I cannot be anymore specific due to copyright issues.

I am glad I was able to be in this project. Gave me a better and deeper insight to my friend's life.

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