Monday, June 26, 2006


What do you do when things are no longer of status quo? Do you fight against it, or you just go with the flow? You obviously know deep down in your guts that some things will never be the same, and yet you try to hold on to the very last ounce of what ever you have, wishing that it will remain the same. It is painfully difficult when the odds are all against you. The feeling may just eat you up as time passes by.


Jerome said...

You bloody taitai :) ( referring to your previous post )

Well what are you referring to in your current post?

Tell if you care to share. :)

Jerome said...

Yeah ( Referring to memories : things of the past )

KFC was 'fine dining' or 'posh'
Bloody evil USSR.
I remember the Russia ( or USSR ) President , the bald guy with the birth mark on his head.

I don't remember about the 2.50 movies or the 1.50 taxis but I remember taxis were way much cheaper( the flag down rate ) in the past. :)

Jerome said...

What's Silo ? :)

Eileen. 静 said...

*sinister laughter*

me not tai tai lah..just a tai tai wannabe hahaah

oh..u dun remember the relatively cheaper taxi fare coz ur not born in my era lah.. -_-""

and as for was the pre days of NTUC

my current post ah.. sigh..too senstive lah.. maybe i tell u in your blog..hahah...

Jerome said...

Referring to the reply in my blog :
Oh I hope everything will go smoothly for you .

Hey if you are willing to have a little banter then add me in your msn. :)