Friday, June 23, 2006


things of the past.....

movies at lido followed by bowling at the same building..or having a drink at the beer garden outside ..

movie tickets costed only $ 2.50(when i was in sec. school) . and student bus fare 25cents.. taxi flag down only $1.50(more than 2O yrs ago of coz hahah )

how about those days when there was this shopping place called Emporium? and when there was no ntuc yet..but Silo? hahahha..

and kfc is a nice 'posh' resturant.where u sit and get served.

and we have to watched those educational programs on tv.. and sometimes in school too...

USSR before start of lessons...

remembered there was printemps.. (now zara liat towers)

yaohan plaza sing was one of my childhood fav. place Smile

Gayworld amusment park at geylang lor 3

how about the shop houses opp. raffles just a piece of vacant land..there was a coffeeshop that sells great tasting char kwey tao..would eat it with my classmates after lessons.

warehouse disco.. way way before zouk. now has become timberlux center..

satayclub was one of my fav. place to eat.. used to work at the court..and would walk opp. to the satayclub for nice yummy food

*do u remember all these places and things? if u do, u are around my age or even older than i am heheeh*

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