Saturday, June 10, 2006

Lucky draw my foot!!!

It's amazing how some people try to sell you their wares these days.
Am home alone today . Heard knockings on my door. Opened and saw this tiny man in his 50s, balding grey hair..but looking healthy.

Greeted me with a smile. I was wondering what charity organization he's from or what kind of products is he gonna dish out. Before I could sort out my thoughts.. he passed me a bar of Lux soap..something I have not used in ages. Told me it's a free gift. I was like hmmm...

(the uncle and I conversed in mandrain, have translated to english)

"uncle. why give me a bar of soap?"

"oh miss.. this is your free gift. Your flat has been chosen by our company in a lucky draw"

"hmm..what kind of lucky draw is that?"

"oh we pick every 3 flats to give our special offer to"

Special offer!? isn't it a lucky draw??

Then he handed me 2 bottles of shampoo.. some aloe vera 3 in 1 shampoo..
wah...3 in 1 leh..i only used b4 2 in 1 lor.. this is new. The bottles look dodgy lah.

"so.. what are these two bottles or what? ..but i don't need these shampoo.. I have many bottles at home already"

"miss..u can keep it.. sill can use after 3 yrs . Your malay neighbor and the fat neigbour already taken theirs liao"

scheming uncle then showed me this funny looking small folder with some cut and pasted pricing..*speical price-$12 *

Ah! so this is the catch..tell u it is some stupid 'lucky draw' then hands u the stuff..offered u some 'special price!!"

"miss, now we offering you all special price..out side selling $24 only need to pay $12. You take lah.. then i can get my points mah."

Wtf..what kind of selling is this? and do i care if u get your points? I still maintained my manners you know.. didn't appear to be angry or what.

"oh.. so i have to pay you now har? But i have no money leh"

"no no..never can keep it me next week also can.. I know your address mah..i been here 3 times already..but always knock your door no one at home"

"Well, then u can give this to the next door uncle lor. I don't want it."

"cannot.. they cannot get the prize.. it's only for you"

Now I am angry. In my firm tone..

"Uncle, I really don't need it. Pls take them away..thanks"

"ahyo miss..why like that.. you really stubborn leh"

Old man no choice but to take back those stuff he handed me..


Pls have some ethics lah!!! what lucky draw!!!!!! *BOOO*

I wondered did my fat neigbour really paid him $12 for those aloe shampoo hahahah..

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