Thursday, June 15, 2006


Attended the usual wed. gamelan practice , though no show of the drummers :P
**Mustakim..why never inform me earlier ?? No wonder u didn't sms **

We called it a day after playing for an hour or so. Went to H.V for makan again . It was either Breko or TCC, in the end TCC won. Standard of the food have surprisingly improved and the menu's quite impressive. Love the shrooms bites..pastry filled with mushroom and cheese. Quite cheeseyfattening as every dish has cheese in it :P

*The usual suspects *


The after meal conversation at one point in time got steered towards different ways of sayin passing of motion.We were wondering is there a more refine chinese term besides 大便。。any idea?? Hey..sorry if this gross you out hahaha :P


been drinking camomile n lavender tea ( marks n spencer) at night lately...

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