Friday, June 09, 2006

有线电视(ch 54 TVBS) 正在播一部中国连续剧--《好想好想谈恋愛》。上个星期偶然的看了一集。原来这是Sex and the city 的拷贝(copy)版。剧情和sex and the city非常的相似--都市4个单身女人的生活状态,四个在都市里寻找爱情,并不断遭遇爱情问题的单身女人的故事。我看完那集后,竟然不知不觉的喜欢上这 部剧。我深深的被剧中的一些词语所吸引。 was alittle difficult to key in the han yu haha.. got abit lazy. Yes, I got attracted to the drama partly becoz of the stories and also becoz of the lovely chinese sentence structure. Of coz it wasn't anything fabulous. Just that I realised how nice and soothing chinese can sound like . I kinda like the chinese accent..hahaha.. not like how we sound like everyday..somehow we sounded quite mono when we speak mandrain.
It was pretty much the chinese ver. of sex and the city. same old issue of men and women.. love and sex.. marriage..etc :p

u can catch it on Ch 54 week nites 9pm
time to sleep now. Ciao

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