Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mustakim's 22nd Birthday!!

Dear Mus celebrated his *birth anniversay *(for usual people like u and me..we call it Birthdays) on Election day 06506. His actual day's on 0705. We were over at his place for bbq and of coz booze. Here are the photos :) I love how the photos turn out!! and am having fun with my photoshop brushes heheeheh

*ooohh..Hidden sercets behind those lovely smiles*
Ah..this was taken before the booze..see how normal they look??

*here are the after drinks photos*

*i like this picture * Mus was taking us from the stairs..while Alicia took this candid shot..cool

*this blurry shot was taken by a very intoxicated Deyanna*

Tired now..shall continue later :)

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