Monday, May 08, 2006

Karen and Kids

It has been quite awhile since I met Karen (a close friend since my partime poly days). Visited her at home when she just gave birth to her 3rd baby in Feburary. Got a pleasent suprise when she brought along Meixuan and Zhenhua to lunch yesterday.
Both are outspoken and rather precocious.
Like most young kids, they can be a handful when they start behaving mischievously.
Baby Yixian has grown much since and looked like a 5 mth old rather than 3 hahah.
The wonders of breast milk I must say :P

Am glad to be able to catch up with her.
Here's to Karen~!! Way to go mummy~~!!

So sweet of her to get me Royce chocolates! My favorite..yummy..

More chocolatey indulgenence. Truffles from Raffles city
Good pal Dean gave it to me last week :)

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