Friday, April 21, 2006

Quiet Morning....

One of the things I love doing is harmless flirting. In fact..most of us do it subconsciously and sometimes we hardly realised we are flirting until much later. My flirting is pretty subtle , usually in the form of speech.. eye contact ..or a simple touch of the arm when talking *wink* Of coz I will never do that with someone I totally have no chemistry with. He may misunderstand my actions and translate it into something else. Have to admit that i have misled some guys before (0_o)'''' with my 'harmless' flirting haha. --------------------------------------

Hey, come 6th of May 06 (060506..nice numbers..punters.. gamblers..take note) would be the 2nd time I will be exercising my rights as a citizen.. I get to go to the polls!! I am residing in the Jalan Bersar GRC *quite a big GRC* and PAP and SDP will be contesting .

I was quite apathetic about politics
such issues previously . It was only in recent yrs that I paid attention. It concerns not only the country at large, but also the daily bread and butter of the heartlanders, commoners, citizens.

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