Saturday, April 15, 2006

One afternoon while having lunch.....

Over heard at long john's silver fast food. I wasn't eavesdropping in case you are wondering. The close proxmity of the tables at plaza singapura long john's enables u to hear word for word what the neighbouring table is talking about :P

girl A : " So how many months already ? "

girl B : " 2 mths plus lor "

girl A: " wah.. so how ah? your bf happy or not? "

girl B : " Yah..happy like hell leh "

girl A: " your mum ?"

girl B : " shock lor.. but what to do, have already choice ..cannot abort rite??"

Of coz needless to say I have already figured out this to be a shot gun case.

girl A: " Yah true lah.. hey..u one yr older than me hor? "

girl B: " yah.. 19 lor "

oh well... enough said. raging hormones? tempted by the forbidden fruit? and thus sowing of the seed? Some seeds never bear fruits..but in this did :P

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