Saturday, March 25, 2006

I eat too much

Pardon my lousy grammer , trying to blog as fast as i can in a short time span. It is already 1.14am now. Haven't been sleeping early these days..then again..since when do I sleep early :Pp

Had gamelan practice from 6.30 - 10pm for our performance the Singapore Arts Museum. Adjourned to Hong kong cafe for supper right after. *chris, me, alicia and edwin*

Finally had the chance to eat there.. i know i know.. they have been around for awhile.
Kinda spolit for choice coz everything looks yummlicious. The french toast is a must try..though kinda steep at 3 bucks per serving.


wow..already 2.15am and i have yet complete this entry. haha.. was uploading the pics and doing abit of photoshopping. here are the photos!

okay..time to call it a nght! *burp*

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