Tuesday, February 07, 2006

FunFilled Monday

Yippy!! The Nafa performance was a sucess! However, I did make a few tiny mistakes :P Was trying my best not to look at my notes while playing but no choice...steal a glance here and there. Thank goodness it was pretty dark where the audience were seated..else i would have been really nervous with so many pair of eyes looking at us play. Then again, have never really suffered from stage fright . Call me 'showoff' or which ever term u wanna, but i love performing kekeke.. since those days in SAC choir :P

Anyway, we had 'smashed' chicken (indo.chicken rice) for dinner after that :P Managed to grab a 'limited' indo.drink-advocado juice. Ok..too tired and lazy to write. Just look the photos okay?

With the girls after the performance

At the dressing room

Taken from the backstage

Isn't Edwin lucky ?

Me and my advocado drink

Group Photo

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