Friday, January 27, 2006

Near drowning situation what my title suggested... I was in such a situation today. Went swimming with my friend Chong wee, at Toa Payoh pool. The incident occurred after we swam for 35 mins. I kinda adjusted my goggles and little did I realised it didn't fit firmly on my face. Water seeped thru and my vision was clouded. I can never be like some people...they are able to open their eyes in the water. With that ..i started getting all panicky. I wasn't in the deep area yet, but kinda lost it. Tried to swim my way to the wall, and was gasping for air, drinking in lots of water in the process. It was terrible, I can feel myself losing it. I kept reminding myself to hang on and I am not too far from the first lane. Those few mins (couldn't have been more than 3 mins) felt like eternity. I was relief upon reaching the wall. What surprised me was no one seemed to have realised what has actually took place. I suppose I appeared normal to them. But no one was around me when it happened. There were about 4 lifeguards around!! They must have been skivving.

I am not sure if I could say I had a close brush with death. The instinct to survive was strong at that moment. I wouldn't want to think of the consequences if I didn't manage to swim myself to the wall. It's time I really take charge of my life and not waste time on frivolous issues and things beyond my control. A good friend reminded me that I should take this Lunar New yr to spring clean my heart...and detox my life. Let's all do that and trash out all the junk and unhealthy feelings we all have!!

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