Wednesday, November 09, 2005

lazy nite @HV

What's your frigging reaction when someone accidentally bumped into you? How many times do u think u could get'bumped' in a day? Geez.. I was bumped at least thrice today!! -_-''' Yeah, I do curse and swear under my breath at times :P

Anyway, was down at HV again. Had beef pho (viet noodles) at Pho Hoa followed by tea at TCC. Company for the nite were my two lovely gal frens -Jandy and Joey. Knew them since pre u days. That's like eons ago..(15 yrs to be exact!!)

Drink for the nite - Rasberry tea freeze (^_^)

Topics for the nite - men and kids wahahha..Joey's a mummy of 2 kids

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